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Unstoppable CEO’s With Manjunath S A

by Planotech Media House

An interview with a buoyant speaker Manjunath S A, who is the CEO of DYNAMINDS CONSULTING PVT | Life Skill Coach | Training, Learning & Development Expert. He is a very engaging speaker; he likes to use his ability to listen, talk to make the world a better place. His greatest strength is communicating ideas more effectively so that people who frequently disagree can agree. He would like to be an activist. He is a great speaker with a likeable personality. 

He seems very comfortable with himself. He is confident and very articulate.

DynaMinds Consulting Private Limited is an organization incorporated in 2016, fascinated by human psychology with the main motive of helping individuals understand their exact and complete potential, and help them enthusiastically lead their life. He firmly believes that human potential is immense, and an individual is capable of performance, which varies from person-to-person depending upon their perspectives. He said that “if people think in the right way then every individual is capable of achieving miracles“.           

Initially, they found it tough to stand out as they started to approach people directly. When it didn’t work, they planned to help customers to overcome their financial problems and there-by marketing their organization.

The thought of being a life coacher came to his mind when he was working in a corporate while the clients started to share their problems. The most satisfying moment in his life journey was when he trained 300 people, who were terminated from the IT sector and helped them to overcome their worst phase of life—and to see them achieve well in their life. When he asked about the importance of life coacher he compared with cricket, everybody needs a life coacher to help the person who requires evaluating is own experience from other perspectives.

According to him, there is nothing different in his life; he also has challenges, but the only thing is he can overcome those problems with a shorter period. The individual books which he suggests are “I’m OK-You’re OK” by Thomas Antony Harris, “Games People Play” by Eric Berne, and “Magic wants to understand human being” by the interviewee himself.

He believes that “If a situation can be viewed in a particular way it might be the right way, but there are different perspectives to solve the same problem”.

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