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Unstoppable CEOs with Madhavi Shankar

by Planotech Media House

An interview with Madhavi Shankar, who is the CEO of FORBES ASIA 30 UNDER 30 | United Nations Youth Speaker | TEDx Speaker| Govt of India & UN. She is a very engaging speaker; Entrepreneur, technology enthusiast with a keen interest in public affairs and international relations. Passionate about building and engineering consumer-driven products across the scale. She is contributing to global women employment and equal opportunities. 

Forbes Asia 30 under 30 is an organization incorporated in India, fascinated by Start-up Companies with the main motive of helping individuals with their, and help them enthusiastically lead their life. She firmly believes that human potential is immense, and an individual is capable of performance, which varies from person-to-person depending upon their abilities. She says that this current pandemic made realize all folks the power of technology and they provide the solution for digitalizing and effective management of properties of people. Initially, they found it tough to stand out as they faced a problem with capturing the market, validating solutions, building team, scaling and revenue management as every entrepreneur faces as they started with three clients and at present building its customer base to 72, by changing their plan to help customers to overcome their problems and thereby marketing their organization.

SpaceBasic is a one-stop communication and networking app that facilitates endless information sharing within members of Universities, Hostel Management and Global Partners seeking student engagement. She incorporated open flag culture in office; thereby, everyone can access different idea to better the performance of the application to make sure to fulfil customer needs.

As a resource person, she even balances her personal life with harmony by prioritizing and spending some quality time with family members. She likes to read articles from big companies and also inspired by their skills and success story. 

She has given a perfect message to women who are willing to succeed in life, “it is a tough journey if you have to succeed you need a lot of work power to build something by picking a situation to impact people also to find a support system.

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