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Unstoppable CEO’s With Gaurav Gupta

by Planotech Media House

An interview with a voracious speaker Gaurav Gupta CEO & Global HR | Life & Business Transformation Expert | NLP Coach | TEDx Speaker | Author | CXO Mentor | Board Member. He is a very engaging speaker; he likes to use his ability to listen, talk to make the world a better place. He likes an activist, a great speaker with an attractive personality. He seems very comfortable with herself. He is confident and exceptionally articulate as he is passionate about providing services for people to achieve human empowerment.

Xypnotech is a company that provides services like educational concepts and skills, both online and offline. He believes there is no single tactic that makes success in business, but if one wants to succeed, they have to invest time and learn marketing. As a resource person, he balances his professional life and writing with harmony by prioritizing and spending some quality time giving workshops. He likes to read articles from big companies and also inspired by Deepa Malik, who is a Paralympic gold medalist which made a significant impact in his life.

Initially, they found it tough to stand out as they started to approach people directly. When it did not work, they planned to help customers to overcome their financial problems and thereby to market their organization. For his business marketing, digitalizing and word of mouth found to be helpful. Furthermore, he follows fire and wax culture, thereby achieving better performance and excel in business to make sure to fulfil customer needs. 

The satisfying moment in his life is when his sales got increased through the success of a nation-wide sales training project for airtel. The tricks that he has discovered to be more productive is by meditating to achieve mindfulness and get an innovative idea to fulfil the needs of customers, scheduling his work process.

One has to work both on the field which they are good at and also the other work on which they have quite lesser knowledge, and this termed as fire and wax culture. The principal activities that he suggests for budding entrepreneurs listening to motivational seminars, attending technical workshops so that they can add value thereby they can optimize their processes, and meditation to achieve mindfulness to design their work schedule. 

At the tough times, he suggests for business people to connect more with customers, family, and mentors as this is the time when we get to discuss and collaborate to get innovative ideas to rebuild their business platform through the digital platform. 

By addressing young entrepreneurs, he said: “We have to find purpose and wholeheartedly jump into it no matter what others say about our idea”. 


We can learn more about a career path that many are interested in, and we can able to explore broader possibilities in the field of writing and entrepreneurship. We can find significant commonalities between the field of professional writing the art of technical writing, including rhetorical principals, connections to class seminars, and lectures. This research illuminated the competitors on their career path that they had not considered before, in addition to providing them with more information about professional writing careers in general.

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