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Exclusive Interview with CA Shashwat Singhal

by Vedanti Kohli

An interview with the best personality Mr. CA Shashwat Singhal who is a Chartered Accountant and is practicing in this great field. He qualified for the CA degree in the year 1989. He has been inactive practice for the past 30 years since then. Also, he keeps a great interest in academics and outdoor sports too. It was such an interesting topic to discuss with him. Chartered Accountancy course, which is a great challenge for many of the students. He shared about how he cleared his course and began his journey as a Chartered Accountant. His effective words were the best of all.

His confidential words and communication skills were up to the best of them. It was great to listen to him with his admiring shares of his life.

He told us that being a Chartered Accountant is not that easy. Also, it is not that bundle to take in your head. It is a challenge to students that how they can achieve a successful degree in their lives. It requires proper dedication and well-being personality to gain this degree. They have to make a proper time table and have to follow it up to the mark. They first have to decide that they truly have to give their best for the CA course. The proper performance and students should be at their best. He told us how to take the articleship and studies together.

His own preparations were also to the best point. About daily hours of studies and proper development of skills made him reach to this degree. Daily he sued to prepare the required amount of subjects for it. As a CA degree includes a good package, but experience and skills matter a lot, he said. The best managing of subjects, focusing on the main one, clearing the doubts will make a person a good Chartered Accountant. As it includes a number of attempts which in actual don’t matter. The dedication along with hard work matter a lot in it.

He gives the articleship to his students for a CA degree in his firm. In his words, he told us that he guides his students in the best way so that they will remember each and every word which he told to them. From his experience, it was his pleasure and hard work because of which, he is at this stage. Much about CA degree and how to become a CA, was in his words. A proper understanding was told by him to us due to which respect is increased in the best form.

In his focused words, he told that fear is a big issue in every person. If they remove it from their life, they will easily become anything in their life and can achieve success.


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