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Post Press Release of Virtual Summit on Crafting Transformative Information On September 19, 2020

by Mausam Kumar

On 19/09/2020 The Planotech Media House presented a virtual summit on crafting transformative information with unique based five sectors such as AI & Ethical hacking, Startup & Invention, Corporates, Simulation, Pharmacy.

Five sectors based on a virtual summit theme. All speakers had retained their perspectives on medicine, simulation of technologies, and business issues.

Our virtual summit fell on five sector lines in, which made every attendee registered for the particular topic based which carried backed adequate information from the resource table and reputed speakers.

Our vision created the largest and most effective virtual marketplace for the AI & Ethical hacking, Startup & Invention, Corporates, Simulation, Pharmacy followed by gathering the information on the corporate to our attendees.

All the speakers had their own time to illustrate their subjects and lectures. It was so energetic and vigorous that the way all was described. Planotech was renowned for its immersive and creative content.

They had completed 50 + webinars in different markets and still went up with new ideas until more than 5000 + registration was completed, 30 + hours of the session were completed, five conference hall summit and four meetings in the exhibition hall were completed. There were also five media partners and five PR partners at Planotech. The webinar and summit go live on multiple social media platforms.

They were an independent media company that provides reliable news, information, and articles sources. Planotech Media House had practical perspectives across an impressive media portfolio: films, articles, interviews, and activities on multimedia and social networks. They help their viewers appreciate the broad variety of news. Planotech Media House will prosper with transformative experience and innovate.

Which felt that people should learn more about the current situation in our business like how they could solve them and how they could learn about the technology, the pharmaceutical sector, and about other sectors too, and could learn about new technologies and a smarter way to stay healthy. They could understand more about the scenario of our industries.




Mausam Kumar

Junior Editor at Planotech Media House


Ph. no. 9448841814

Mail: mausamkumar@planotechevents.com





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