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My Kids Drawing

by Planotech Media House

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Pablo Picasso

Preschool-aged children love to draw — they are always in search of a marker or crayon. Those early scribbles are an important step on the path to creativity. 

And it is never too early to start!

A child’s drawing typically goes through several stages, beginning with scribbling that probably will not include recognizable shapes or letters. From there, children tend to draw using different shapes and later, your child may create a piece of drawing that includes a perfect scenery. Regardless of the stage, recognize that each effort of crayon to paper has value.

MyKidsDrawing is a passionate company on a journey to Champion Art and Creativity. Our vision is to Nurture creative leaders for tomorrow’s world. We provide a platform to store, share, cherish & relive drawings that will be treasured forever.

What they Think!!

Encourage the child to draw, and then use this time to analyse about what has been created. Early efforts will probably be understandable only by the child, but let the child feel like the expert with that piece of drawing. Regardless of what has been drawn, be proud of the work and display it for all to see.

What they Provide!!

In school, drawing time may be called Drawing Workshop. For making this special time at home, we provide fun materials for drawing.

Right Toolkit – Having 200+ Art Videos All Videos Structured into Playlists, Video Lessons for Everybody, New Videos Added Every Month, Videos Covering Various Categories Pencil/ Color Pencils/ Acrylics/ Oil Pastels

Worksheets for Playgroup – UKG, Delivered at your Doorstep

300+ Worksheets based on Age. Refer Worksheet

And most importantly- NO ADS!!

MyKidsDrawing wants every kid to grow creatively on our platform, by providing drawing classes, beautiful video tutorials, 1-1 teachers, competitions to become famous. MyKidsDrawing tends to Boost your child’s learning and enhance your kid’s knowledge in the comfort of your home. Instilling independent learning, creative thinking, and strong values.

Further to keep children engaged:-

MyKidsDrawing provides talent coins, have monthly competitions, shopping sections where children can all the shop art supplies, customize or personalize gifts for others, we also offer a platform where children can upload their work and people can buy it.

They help your child embark on the journey of lifelong learning and lays a solid foundation for academic and social development. 

MyKidsDrawingRegister today !!

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