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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Meet Andreas Dettlaf – The Nu Image Medical CEO Who Is Disrupting Telemedicine Technology

When Andreas Dettlaff first learned about the direct-to-consumer men’s health market in 2004, he was immediately intrigued. He teamed up with his primary care physician to begin addressing the hormone imbalances and subsequent physical changes that men experience as they age. Andreas Dettlaff was certain that he could help find a way to restore confidence to men who were experiencing hair thinning and loss, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, and other hormonal imbalances.

In his quest to understand the industry and client’s needs, he attended anti-aging and wellness conferences and seminars. For several years, he ran a one-man operation, referring clients to in-person visits with his physician in New Jersey. Armed with his background in technology, Andreas Dettlaff learned about health, wellness, marketing, customer service, and more.

In 2008, Andreas Dettlaff founded Nu Image Medical, and in the years since has grown his team and his product offerings. Now CEO of Nu Image Medical, Andreas Dettlaff manages a staff of 23 and no longer refers patients to offices thanks to advances in telemedicine. The digital age has helped to remove impediments to clients receiving treatment for age-related issues, saving them time, money, and embarrassing office visits.

With a team of medical, technology, legal, and marketing experts in place, as well as a team of concierge doctors, formulary pharmacists, and quality assurance pharmacists to formulate and test new products, Andreas Dettlaff has grown Nu Image Medical tremendously since its founding.

Now that Andreas Dettlaff isn’t answering customer service calls anymore, he can focus on the future growth of Nu Image Medical. A recent partnership with well-known brand builder Kevin Harrington, one of the original “Sharks” on Shark Tank, has helped with scaling the business that Andreas Dettlaff has built from the ground up. Bringing on celebrity spokespeople has increased visibility in a crowded men’s health market.

Andreas Dettlaff’s daily task list has changed quite a bit since 2008, and his current priorities are building relationships and overall company growth while maintaining licensing in all 50 states. Staying compliant with all regulatory laws while rolling out new products and new product lines is no easy feat, but Nu Image Medical continues to exceed expectations under Andreas Dettlaff’s watchful eye.

While Andreas Dettlaff admits he is a tough boss who expects results with few complaints, he tries to lead by example and works to improve Nu Image Medical each day. He has an open-door policy, inviting his staff to share all ideas as long as they fit the overall vision and direction of the company. With much of his executive team on board for the long haul, it’s fair to say that Nu Image Medical offers an appealing office culture.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the past 18 years is Nu Image Medical’s vision, which is to help people. Andreas Dettlaff continues to be inspired by the overwhelmingly positive response that clients have to his company’s products. The testimonials and repeat business provide all the evidence he needs that Nu Image Medical is changing people’s lives for the better. While the physical changes of aging most often affect the confidence of men and women, the truth is that many also experience depression and anxiety as direct side effects of their decreased self-esteem.

Armed with a dedicated team, a clear vision, and enormous client support, Nu Image Medical is already working to expand its offerings. Recently they began to delve into women’s health products, targeting the low libido experienced by many post-menopausal women. Andreas Dettlaff can confirm that more products are in the pipeline, being formulated and tested before becoming available for purchase.

Operating within a multi-billion industry means that growth opportunities are out there for tenacious innovators. With their broad-spectrum product line that sets them apart from competitors and Andreas Dettlaff’s laser-like focus on scaling a well-established business model, Nu Image Medical is poised to alter the men’s health market in a big way. Learn more about Andreas Dettlaff, CEO of Nu Image Medical.

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