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Life After Corona

by Manjunath S.A

Life, after Corona

Never before, at least in recent times, the World was so interlinked with one word.  CORONA.

Almost every News Channel, especially in India, has ‘devoted’ all their time in spreading ‘Awareness’ about the Pandemic.  Social Media is abuzz with ‘Self Styled Experts’ on Corona.   The REAL EXPERTS, meaning Doctors and Scientists, are silently doing their job in finding the right cure for the ailment.  The Medicine for this Pandemic will be found, sooner than later.  Our Bodies too will find ways to build immunity for Corona.

Will Corona really go out of our life?   Perhaps no.  However, the intensity of its presence around us will go out.

I am reminded of Influenza.  This Pandemic is estimated to have killed, during 1917-18, over Twenty Million persons in the world (0.1% of the population).    Today, we laugh off about Influenza, as mere Flu.

The Pandemic itself, and the resultant lock-down that many Countries have embraced, many believe, will give a totally new perspective to Life, and Living. 

I would like to present the changes, as I see them transpiring, in three Perspectives, viz., Psychological, Financial, and People Relations.

Psychological Impact.

Fear is a great motivator.  Unfortunately, it also has a negative aspect to it.

Impact of Fear as a Motivator would be that people would continue to wear face masks.   Trendy Masks may become a Fashion Statement.  Social Distancing will also be practised.  Frequent washing of hands would continue (though it may pose another challenge with regard to scarcity of water).

On the flip side of Fear, some people would be subjected to acute stress. 

Stress is the reaction people have to a perception they have.  It is the wear and tear of our mind and body, as we attempt to cope with a continually changing environment. 

Fortunately, Stress could be managed.  It is a skill that one can learn and practice.

Financial Impact

Corona would impact us maximum on this front.  While the Employee Force would face Downsizing, Reduced Earnings, Fewer Options for Job Change, Shrink in Growth rate, the Business Class will have to cope with reduced Margins, Delayed Payments, and even closure of businesses. 

A large majority of Indians, especially in urban and semi-urban cities, are victims of EMI compulsions.  Managing the EMI Pressure,  and maintaining a particular standard of living that one is used to, would be a big challenge.

How nice it will be, if there is an opportunity whereby one can supplement their regular earnings with a consistent annual passive income, without any need to either make a fresh investment or indulge in selling something to someone.

People Relations Impact

Forced Lockdown has resulted in family members literally locked down within the four walls of their houses.  The last month has provided ample opportunities for members is a family to communicate with each other, more than at any point in time before.

While there are cases where people could gain a better understanding of their family mates, there are also instances where rifts between family members have increased. 

A right understanding of self, and of other members in the family, has become vital, in today’s times.  Understanding the impact of one’s behaviour on the other has become a basic requirement.

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