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JSS Research Foundation Inauguration

by Ritesh Yadav

The Inaugural Virtual Conference

JSSRF now has planned a virtual grand launch of its rebranded website with a Virtual Conference on  “COVID-19 Vaccine – A Global Perspective”. The Virtual Conference scheduled for Saturday, 21st November 2020 aims to provide a global update on the ongoing efforts toward developing Covid-19 vaccine. The Virtual Conference will have speakers from prestigious organizations who are at the forefront researching / supporting the development of Covid-19 Vaccine. The Virtual Conference is planned for late evening India time to accommodate various times zones and convenience of
participants and estimated to last for 3 hours.

COVID -19 Vaccine – A Global Perspective

Globally at present, 11 potential Covid -19 Vaccines are in Phase -3 clinical trials and 6 vaccines are already approved for limited use; however, the eminent foreseen challenge is that the approved vaccines are accessible, affordable, and available to all people. In addition, several questions related to equitable distribution of vaccines, ramping up manufacturing capabilities to more than 3.5 billion people, continued funds for research and development of efficacious and affordable vaccines, maintenance of regulatory protocols and ethical standards for safety, commitment to adherence to strict scientific, ethical standards in product development and manufacturing practices to ensure the safety of vaccinated individuals need to be well addressed. The world is aware that COVID -19 anywhere means that COVID-19 continues to spread everywhere! This global crisis has witnessed unprecedented global level hyper-collaborations!

Visit for more details https://jssrf.org/

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