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Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Startups

by Vedanti Kohli


Startups refer to the new entrepreneurs starting a new company or business. They form new projects to seek the development for their work and growth in it. They give self- employment here and believe in enlarging their business to may wide.  Also, they give under work to employers who give their forms of services of all the way in influent form. The business begins with the founder who puta a start to this and make many rules and regulations here. They face every challenge and gives action according to it. Here, the discussion is all about the topics of ongoing lockdown and the conditions that will remain there after it. Although the situation will not last long and will not be the same always.

Before Lockdown

Before the current situation, the business of various forms of all the types was as per their way. All were in their developing forms and new ones are also in their good start. The efforts that all the entrepreneurs were making, got the result as a response in profit. The association that was there as a design science, made the best way of getting to their business.  Various ideas and constructions of the companies have the backbone of success and profit as their way. Different principles and adaptions need to get into the initial way of loss that is affordable by them. The confidence of the entrepreneurs along with the decision of them made their business along with the company as an original form.

During Lockdown

As in the current pandemic, people are unable to set up their businesses and work for it. It is not easy to go with it and get the form for such an issue. They have to maintain a proper form of workable ways for it. They may occur as a loss and can result in an unknown form for it.

Post Lockdown

Everyone is in a belief an faith that this lockdown will come to an end and they will be back their form. Many businesses are in loss and are trying to recover. The solution for recovery is none other than the relief from this lockdown. When this will come to an end, the situation will then only be normal.


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