by Syed Sharuk

The proper way to maintaining good health depends upon the mindset. Diet is the process of scheduling the food for the inevitable result which focused. Diet is a process of management of calories in a proper way that could help in getting results. The calories make the diet different, that what we want to gain or lose.

Calories Measure:

1.      Carbohydrates 1gm= 4 calories
2.      Protein 1gm= 4 calories
3.      Fat 1gm = 9 calories

Health and body weight management, the natural body structure is classified in the human body like Ectomorph, Mesomorph, endomorph, according to those types; we can calculate the calories and can make the diet plan as weight gain or weight loss.

In this modern era, a natural source of food hard to find day-by-day. We suggest taking a call on our routine be to schedule a proper and natural diet. The junk food makes our health disaster that we cannot come over it again, if we want to make it correct, and then we have to avoid junk food like street food, hotel food.

Are we worried about weight management?   Then learn how to control calories on weight loss or weight gain, when it comes to the fitness industry. There are lots and lots of techniques to gain and reduce weight. The following are the charts Shows weight management individually.

For weight gain, we have to choose 50 percent of carbohydrates, 30 percent of protein, and 20 percent of unsaturated fats have to add as calories in our diet plan.

Similarly, for weight loss, we carry 30 percent of carbohydrates, 60 percent of protein, 10 percent of unsaturated fats have to add as calories in our diet plan.

In this pandemic situation, we all are staying at homes “which it roughly called lockdown”. We are contaminating our bodies with lots of calories and developing health issues. We need to take over these situations by adding the word “diet” in our daily routine. Dieting is the perfect tool to control the health crisis.

We can say hold these changes in our body by maintaining a proper diet plan. We can make our body fit and healthy immune system by helping maintain proper digestion, balancing hormones, and stress.


  • Drink a glass of water before our meals.
  • Chew our food 32X for better digestion.
  • Milk helps in slow digestion at sleep, which helps to stop the teardown of muscle tissues and make it recover very fast.

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