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Health & Fitness @ Home

by Darshan Kumar K

The entire realm is following Lockdown due to Coronavirus Pandemic which not only affected the economy but our body mind and soul, which is why essential fitness is necessary to balance physical & mental wellbeing.

Below are a few tips to keep balance physical & mental wellbeing by Fitness Edge.

Maintain Healthy Diet: Eat healthy Stay healthy, food items- fresh fruits, salads, curd, milk. Have rich immunity foods boosting vitamins like Vitamin E(Spinach, nuts), Vitamin B6(Garlic, chicken, fish) and Vitamin C(almost all fruits). Minumum one meal per day. Intake more rich protein foods.

Hydrated Whole Day:  Water performs a vital role in raising immunity as well as maintaining body hydrated. 

We can make simple detox water by adding some mint, lemon, and pineapple in water overnight. That gives a refreshing flavor—fresh fruit juice which also gives a great result in hydrating our body.

Exercise: A morning walk or jogging, followed by simple exercise or yoga will result in feeling our body fresh and active the whole day.

Meditate:  Simple 10Minuites meditation a day keeps our inner self calm and relaxed.

Family Time: Spending quality time with a loved one. Joining with a family member over a video or voice call can put the mind at ease. 

Proper Sleep: A good night’s sleep can do wonders for mental and physical health. Take 8 hours of minimum sleep every day

Stay Home, Stay Calm, Stay Awesome, Stay Productive to SLAY Corona!

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