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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Gut Microbiome Testing – The New Age of Personal Training is here with and Ixcela

Certified Health Coach Peter Marino & his personal training website with Ixcela is providing microbiome testing for better health.

Fitness entrepreneur and online personal trainer Peter Marino, the owner of, has joined hands with Ixcela to offer comprehensive microbiome testing alongside his company’s signature nutrition and supplementation support programs. Although maintaining optimal gut health and eating a proper diet have long been considered important keys to maximizing the results of any fitness program, few personal trainers have learned how to help their clients in these areas. Many microbiome testing companies offer comprehensive panels without providing actionable follow-up plans, leaving customers wondering how to act upon the information they’ve received.

After suffering from IBS for more than 15 years, Peter was able to manage his health condition by gaining a detailed understanding of how his gut microbiome was interacting with the foods he was eating. After learning which foods were problematic, he became armed with actionable information to alter his diet choices for the better. To give Posh Fitness clients the opportunity to achieve similar results, Peter has teamed up with biotechnology company

Ixcela’s at-home Internal Fitness™ test produces detailed data points on key levels of metabolites produced by the microbiome, identifying which metabolites are currently at suboptimal levels and which metabolites are out of alignment with one another. Among the metabolites measured by the Internal Fitness™ test are important neurotransmitters and amino acids, including serotonin and tryptophan.

Scientists have begun to recognize that the microbiome plays a very large role in metabolism, mood, sleep, energy production, weight loss, and recovery from physical training. Without access to the data that the Internal Fitness™ test provides, many avid exercisers inevitably hit a plateau in their weight loss efforts. In addition to reporting faster recovery times and easier weight loss, those who have used Ixcela’s microbiome metabolite tests also report improved sleep and recovery rates, reduced brain fog, and more sustainable focus.

According to Marino, “The Ixcela metabolite test has greatly improved the quality of my life as well as the clientele that have utilized the test. The health coaching included with my plans is very useful for anyone who has hit a plateau with weight loss or if you’re trying to optimize your overall health.”

In keeping with the latest research, Ixcela’s microbiome panel breaks down the test results into separate scores for gastrointestinal fitness, immuno-fitness, emotional balance, cognitive acuity, and energetic efficiency. The Internal Fitness™ test uses 11 different metabolites in total, measuring compounds that can indicate gut bacteria dysbiosis, inflammation, and intestinal permeability. Research suggests that many of the metabolites in the panel also function as reliable markers for food sensitivities and nutritional imbalances, helping Peter’s clients eliminate suboptimal diet choices to see faster results.

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