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First international epidemic-prevention supplies fair kicks off on June 10th in Guangzhou China’s

by Planotech Media House

The Guangzhou International Epidemic Prevention Material and Equipment Fair kicks off on June 10th, intending to produce a global stand for the trade of pandemic foil elements and tools. It has admitted orders from over 90 foreign bodies.

As the first fair for epidemic blocking materials in China, it emphasises a total exhibition area of 36,000 square meters, attracting over 600 exhibitors, including about 200 from Guangzhou, said Hu Hong, vice mayor of Guangzhou, on the fair’s opening ceremony.
Many local high-tech enterprises who have made important supplements in anti-epidemic materials and devices also attend the fair. That includes DAAN Gene, which developed and industrializes the detection kit for COVID-19; Kingfa Sci & Tech., Ltd, which produces polymer medical materials.

Although the global economy has suffered significantly because of the pandemic, the huge demand for China’s anti-epidemic materials offers new opportunities for foreign trade development.
According to Willis Guan, vice president of Marketing & Sales in Kingfa Sci & Tech., Ltd, the company has exported more than 500 million masks to 38 countries, of which Germany and the United States are the largest buyers. “Through this exhibition, we want to sell China’s best products to more overseas regions,” said Guan.
Regarding foreign traders and business associations, they have actively signed up to visit the exhibition, hoping to find products and suppliers that meet the needs of overseas markets.

They have bought more than 700,000 face masks, especially the kn95, which is in great demand right now in Ecuador. Also, over 50,000 COVID test kits have been transported to that country, said Ronnie Almeida, chairman of the Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce in South China. “We come here to have face-to-face opportunities to buy those products for long-term daily protection,” he added.
According to Bekar Mikaberidze, chief representative of Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Guangdong, China has offered great help to Georgia during the epidemic, not only in donating materials but also teaching prevention and control experience. Bekar also appeals to everyone to unite and defeat the virus together.

Businesses in China, including foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs), can leverage these special policies to overcome the difficulties caused by COVID-19.

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