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Futurity of Virtual Events in India

by Mausam Kumar

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused businesses globally to a cessation, including Events & Exhibition Industry.

However, businesses that have shut shop are the ones that fear the future. They fear innovation, they fear the technology, they fear the new world order — the one that we are about to witness in the next couple of months.

The truth is that post the Covid -19 pandemic, things will never get back to normal— at least not the normal we were so used to. Smart businesses are aware of this.

They understand that things will never be the way they were. Or the way they are. But that things will only be better in the days to come. Smart businesses are optimistic about the future. They are optimistic about new opportunities. They are optimistic about overcoming obstacles.

Today, when most businesses are passive, with employees taking a casual approach to work-from-home, smart businesses are using the Covid Crisis as a means to make new beginnings. They are actively engaging with a customer online hence Virtual Events Rise.

Many meetings and conferences have undergone virtual trends over the past few months as event industry members are directing on inventing their service contributions.

The online platforms erase geological barriers for users such as people from anywhere across the world can interact with each other in real-time.

With technology innovations in virtual platforms the event industry’s lifeline under the current situations, it will likely progress to be a strength in the event management model in the post-COVID-19 world as well.

There are many variations between the event management platforms and virtual events, the important difference being the location. Visitors can get connected with a virtual event from a remote place, without travelling to a venue as in the case of in-person events.


Simplicity and ease of access
Content flexibility
Data collections and management
Personalized Merchandise
Long-term Effects

When the crisis is to end the physical events will be back on track.




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