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Saturday, September 30, 2023
FASTBRACES®️ pioneer Dr. Evangelos Viazis helps Cyprus renowned Dr. Andreas Aspros to introduce Fastbraces® to Cyprus

Dr. Evangelos Viazis is one of the most popular dentists in Athens, Greece, renowned for his work with Fastbraces®, a revolutionary technology for aligning crooked teeth. But his contributions to orthodontics go beyond the borders of Greece. He has introduced Fastbraces® to Cyprus now with Nicosia-based dentist Dr. Andreas Aspros.

As the world most experienced dentist of Fastbraces®, Dr. Viazis has unmatched skills and knowledge using the fast method for treating poorly aligned teeth. He has perfected this technique over two decades, starting his practice of Fastbraces® back in 2000. Today, he has three clinics in the Greek capital dedicated to Fastbraces®.

When he reached out to Dr. Aspros to attend a seminar on Fastbraces® in Washington, USA back in 2017, Dr. Aspros accepted the invitation and traveled to the US, where the technology originated. Dr. Viazis’ brother, Dr. Anthony Viazis, invented braces that take significantly less time than traditional ones. After attending the seminar, Dr. Aspros was convinced to incorporate Fastbraces® into his practice back home in Cyprus, becoming the first dentist in the island to offer these services.

Fastbraces® uses unique triangular brackets with one wire from the beginning to the end of the treatment that aligns both the parts of the teeth (crown and root) at the same time. In comparison, traditional braces work in two steps, working on the root and crown separately. But, of course, there’s much more to it than what meets the eye. These unique braces have also helped an incredible amount of cases that involve gingivitis round teeth that have not erupted properly( crooked) to be treated in an effective way.. So it doesn’t just help teeth to align but treats other dental issues. This property was acknowledged as a patent in the USA for FASTBRACES®️Technology.

Dr. Viazis guided with his clinical and theoretical wisdom Dr. Aspros, helping him to accomplish the first 15 cases and gain the Master Provider status. By the end of last year Dr Aspros reached the number of 50 successfully treated cases gaining the Senior Master Provider status.After mastering the technology in the early 2000s, he has helped and trained many dentists around the globe to adopt Fastbraces® into their practices. He is frequently invited to speak in FASTBRACES ®️ global events and seminars.. He is also a regular lecturer in FASTBRACES®️ campus in Dallas USA.

Fastbraces® is quite popular in Greece, thanks to Dr. Viazis’ efforts. His contribution in establishing FASTBRACES®️Technology in Europe was determinant. It’s only a matter of time before dentists in other European countries adopt this amazing technology.. And when they do, they can look up to Dr.Viazis work in the field, which is exemplary.

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