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Exclusive Interview with Anupama Singhal

by Vedanti Kohli

An interview with a powerful lady Mrs. Anupama Singhal who is the proprietor of the National Academy of Commerce and a much intelligent person. She is an inspiring lady for every one of us who likes to guide her students. Along with that keeping her studies in a continued form too. She believes in better providing services of professional teachings and the best managing of her duty. Her best strength is the way she has taken in the proper management of her work as well as her family too. She was the best in communication with us along with great speaking skills.

Being confident as well as comfortable is a great quality in her. She is very accurate and passive about her work. It was great to discuss with her about her work and how she manages it. She truly believes in God’s blessings and following the way he shows to us.

Providing solutions to every query to her students, helping them with her understandings, and giving everything at its best, is her best admiring duty. She has qualified for the degree of honors from Delhi University. Also, she discussed that he is an academician and has a deep study of Indian Mythology, Culture, and Human Behaviour. She has a flair for writing poems and articles. By being a working woman, she is the best housewife too. Her coaching degrees include CA, CS, and CMA. It is really not easy to go along with these degrees and providing studies for the same. She is much capable of providing each and every work which he does. The best moment which she said in her words was the time when she took the decision to become the proprietor of the National Academy of Commerce, Allahabad.

She believes in making a proper plan and stepping it daily by focusing in a deep way. To make studies interesting, she brings out outings to many places to her students to give a mind fresh to them. This formula is best to give a good form of extra innings in students’ minds.

The better thought of being a director of professional coaching was her bets decision which she takes. When her coaching started gaining much progress from before, she started working hard for even more to give her best. Other than this, she overcomes many bad phases that she faced in her life. The struggle of studies, becoming a proprietor, and achieving this respect were all best in her life. Such experiences were to the high point for her to achieve.

The life which she is in and how she achieved is a great motivation for every one of us. She takes out time to write poems and writings related to many topics. It was wonderful to have her with us during the interview. Everyone will learn something from her great words. Her best understanding and brilliant words are something more interesting to get into our minds.





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