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Does Health & Fitness Industry Healthy Due to Coronavirus Pandemic?

by Vedanti Kohli

Health & Fitness Industry

If we talk about the activity of body, mind, and soul, then it all starts with fitness. It includes the health and fitness of the body, which keeps us active. To get this form, one needs to have a daily routine of exercises and yoga. The proper performing of them will make us fit and healthy. The gyms are also an excellent option to do muscular activities. By such, it will be possible o stay good both physically and mentally. Here it is discussed how the situation is changing due to lockdown everywhere. 

Before Lockdown

if we take the time which was there before lockdown, then the situation was quite reasonable. Like gyms and yoga places, all were open, and people were freely participating in the required programs. Whoever took the classes of yoga and also were getting the ways of the practice of various exercises. Different places for such forms, were also open to let people perform there. All the dance classes were also open and were in the times of it. Along with this, also, the different seminars of yoga and their functions were in form.

During Lockdown

In the present time, all the people are stuck in their homes. The gyms and yoga places where people perform yoga also the parks are close due to the ongoing pandemic. People are finding their homes as the solution to perform the activities. Many of them are finding their home activities as an easy way to remain fit. The household works and many other forms are in its way in the current time.

Along with the practices, they are also remaining safe at home. The yoga teachers are performing webinars to teach online asanas. People have made their homes as gym services for themselves. At this time, they are finding their house as the safest place for such forms.

After Lockdown

When this impact recovers, everyone will get back tot heir form. The gyms will reopen, the yoga places will open along with many others. Just the difference will be as who will remain perfect and who will gain obesity. The situation is not only about physical fitness but is also about the mental issues that people will face. Many of them will come as depression or any other mental problems. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the proper work time and activity time for people.

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