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Dawat – E – Jasn an ode to rich street food legacy of Hyderabad at Ohri’s Sahib’s BBQ

by News PHM

Hyderabad 1st March 2021, Ohri’s Sahib’s Barbeque which is a melting pot to the rich and glorious Hyderabadi Cuisine organized a special food festival ‘Dawat-e-Jashn’ up to 7th March 2021 to pay its tributes to the delicious Hyderabadi street foods and its amazing culture.

Ohri’s Sahib’s Barbeque has decided to re-create the street food experience at their restaurant in Hi-tech city. The dishes that originated from the bi-lanes of the old city were dearly missed in the last one year. Guests can enjoy their favourite dishes such as Patti Samosa, Mirchi Bhajji, Hyderabadi Dahi wada, Haleem,Masala Papad, Nihari, Paya, falooda and many more along with the regular buffet and starters spread at the restaurant.

Hyderabadi Cuisine is rich and flavourful cuisine . The cuisine has a strong influence of the flavours North Indian Frontiers amalgamated with the local spices and cooking styles. The Hyderabadi cusine has a diverse span from dishes that are cooked only during a specific event at the Royalty to dishes that are fit to be consumed by the roadside. It is an extremely inclusive cuisine that has something to offer to each strata of the society.
Speaking at the occasion Mr. Amar Ohri Executive Director Ohri’s Group mention, “ In the last one year we all have craved for Hyderabadi Street food delicacies that we have been relishing for a long time. We have curated this special ‘Dawat-E-Jashn’ a special and authentic experience, in an assured safe and secure environment. We are sure that you all will not miss this opportunity.”

About Ohri’s Sahib’s BBQ
Ohri’s Sahib’s BBQ is a royale experiential dining restaurant that cherishes the Hyderabadi and Mughlai Cuisine is part of Ohri’s – a multi brand chain of restaurants from Hyderabad. The Ohri’s group is one of the top restaurant chain in Hyderabad popularly known for delicious food for over 4 decades. The group is now getting ready to spread its wings across the nation starting with Bengaluru and Pune. Sahib’s BBQ is a beacon of Hyderabadi and Mughlai Cuisines, these traditional cuisines are modified to the new age concept of “over the table barbeque” a dinning concept which allows dinners to grill their barbeque at the table they are served. The menu has been planned in order to truly showcase the Hyderabadi and Mughlai hospitality and thus is a vast spread across, starters, main course and desserts. The experience at Sahibs BBQ begins with a welcome drink followed by starters that one opts for which served at the table which the live BBQ. The restaurant even has live counters for Shawarma, Chaat, and even Chai with traditional Irani Café biscuits.

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