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Crafting Transformative Information | Women’s Special Edition

by Vedanti Kohli
Women's Special Edition

This webinar of Crafting Transformative Information provides an Unforgettable Experience with valuable speakers. It was a grand formation as the edition was women’s special. Various speakers gave their best contribution to fascinating topics.

Planotech Media House conducted hosting with the best speakers. They gave their words on different topics and a perfect share to the audience. 

Clear and Confident Communication Skills

Deepika Singh represented this topic. She is a confidence coach in her field. It is the best time when she told us about the communication skills which need a deep focus to rely on. By showing tremendous and incredible interest, she spoke on brilliant words.

Going through with Keynotes:-

  • How to communicate and well-being information was there.
  • Becoming a confident personality as well as a perfect and obedient person requires a good practice in it.
  • It needs to take a full concentration in ourselves to give our hundred percent in our well-doing.
  • Knowledge and explanation of how to clear doubts on every issue.
  • Also, women need to have a good potential in herself to face every challenge in her life.
  • We can either achieve it or can make it even worse.


Pushpa N M represented this topic. She is the President of India Awardee. Here she spoke on what the Scribe is. She discussed complete information about this. She gave a full explanation of Scribe and how she works for it. Many important words of her were much admiring and informative.

 Going through with Keynotes:-

  • The session began with the meaning of Scribe and its various understandings.
  • The uses of Scribe and how it works for blind people gave useful information.
  • The teachings and services were there in the discussion, and many other explanations of it were there.
  • What Scribe mainly aims and what is it is the target, was all in words of her.
  • The project form and presentation made it easy to understand the topic.
  • Lastly, she concluded that they will continue their work on Scribe, and will reach the upward target.


The Mental Health of The Youth

Sangeetha Param represented this topic. She is an author and Mental Health Advocate. She gave a good start on how mental issues are an increasing rate in youth.

The excellent explanation of her made it easy to understand that the youth of this era needs more understanding of mentality.

Going Through with Keynotes:

  • The session gave a beginning with the words of how mental health is the first issue in youth.
  • It needs to have a total concentration and understanding of the issues of mentality in them.
  • To give a good explanation, she gave some examples of her topic and discussions on it.
  • She also shared real incidents that will impact a lot in the youth today.

Design Thinking

Srivalli Krishnan represented this topic. She is the co-founder of Startup scaler. Her topic design thinking was an excellent discussion here. It was full of various information and new forms of understanding of different design startups.

Going through with Keynotes:-

  • Design thinking has an interest in an in-depth discussion of the designers.
  • It includes various practices of different forms of topics that includes in it.
  • Redefining of various problems and identifying them with providing their solutions.
  • Observe the creative ideas and spreading it all over to create a good impact on everyone.
  •  Lastly, about how to keep good thinking and give a better thought in designing was there.

Janvi Pawar and Vedanti Kohli from Planotech Media House moderated the webinar.

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