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Crafting Transformative Information | Skill Development During Lockdown

by Dhanush Devang

This webinar is all about skill development the speakers mentioned to set goals to develop as many skills as possible and at a high skill level. The more skills you have learnt during the lockdown  and the better you can perform these skills will determine how well you perform activities.

Sinjini Sengupta

Sinijini Sengupta is an Author an Influencer who is also a TEDx Speaker also a Distinguished Toastmaster and Columnist, a Keynote Speaker she is also an alumna of Indian Statistical Institute, Sinjini Sengupta is an erstwhile Actuary

She spoke about the  how one can develop skills during the lockdown by mentioning what new skills she have learnt during the lockdown and also shared few experiences about her life which also includes about the book she has authored

Key points:

  • She spoke about how to grab the opportunity as an individual
  • She also mentioned how she utilized her time during lockdown
  • She also shared about the book she has authored named elixir
  • She’s launching her social enterprise LIGHTHOUSE from which she’ll empower and help skill building, storytelling, change-making and thought leadership with her creative writing, public speaking and other programs.

Soha Juneja

Soha Juneja is a Voice and Accent Behavioural Skills expert who is also Behavioural and Soft skills trainer and a Happiness coach who deals with mental health advisor and Counselling

She spoke about how everyone is trying to adapt new skills during the lockdown and how can we develop a new skill during lockdown by adding up motivational stories to the talk

Key points:

  • She mentioned many skills to be developed by an individual
  • She spoke how we all are trying to help each other during the lockdown and also mentioned this is the right time to upskill
  • She also shared a story of the eagle and its beak and linked that to human life
  • She also mentioned that it’s a myth that you can learn a habit in 21 days by adding mentioned that you can learn or quit a habit in a day

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