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Crafting Transformative Information | Marketing Panel Discussion

by Dhanush Devang

This webinar is all about the experts in marketing sectors who have achieved many awards and tags and every individual speaker have shared their experience in their own field of marketing and also had a talk about the COVID impact on the sector of marketing

Devapriya Khanna

Devapriya is a Brand and Business Strategist who is helping corporate and business leaders grow their income, impact, and influence she is also an International Speaker

She spoke about the importance of personal branding and how to build the particular personal branding for every individual

Key Points:

  • She mentioned about the a+b+c+d which is explored as a is appearance b is behaviors c is communication d discussion
  • She has had a glimpse on social media
  • She also mentioned about who all need personal branding


Seher Mehta

Seher is an expert in Product Management and she also got unique Strategic Marketing and she is also into Business Consultancy. She spoke about the moment marketing with few examples exploring the meaning of moment marketing

Key points:

She mentioned an example of how fevicol have used Yuvraj retirement to get a good advertisement

She also gave an example of how KitKat and red bull moment marketing

Nowrid Amin

Nowrid is a TEDx Speaker and also HRDF Certified Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant who is a Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager and SEO expert and an International Speaker

He spoke about the importance of exploring the different social media platform and how is it will be impacting on a particular individual

Key Points:

  • He mentioned about how to be tackling the social media platform
  • He also gave insights into digital marketing

Ashwini V Desai

Ashwini is a Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant who is also a Career Development Coach and Corporate Training expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing also in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

She spoke about the affiliate marketing reality and myth in which she explained about the myths of the marketing sector

Key Points:

  • She mentioned about how affiliated marketing sector runs
  • And she also shared her experience in the marketing sector

Shruti Thakker

Shruthi is an Entrepreneur who is a Digital Marketing Consultant and a Speaker and also an Anchor she is also into Public Speaking and Life Coaching

She spoke about leveraging influencer marketing and her experience in the marketing sector

Key Points:

  • She shared an experience of influencer marketing
  • She also mentioned how influencer marketing sector works

Sowmya Moni

Sowmya is a Director, Marketing at Incture Technologies she is also in to product management and also a very good team leader and an influencer

She spoke about the content marketing sector and its importance

Key points:

  • she shared her experience in the marketing sector
  • she also mentioned how important is content marketing in the present situation
  • she also shared the importance of content marketing

Dr. Priyanka Singh

Dr. Priyanka is also an Associate Professor (Digital Marketing) she is also a Consultant and a Trainer who helps businesses to grow in the best insights she is An educator, researcher, and writer with a rich experience of more than 17 years.

She spoke about the marketing trends strategy during COVID and also shared her experience in the sector of marketing

Key Points:

  • she mentioned how the marketing sector is running during the pandemic of corona
  • she also shared how we can use the social media platform to have the best marketing outcomes
  • she also shared a few marketing strategies which can be implemented during COVID

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