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Crafting Transformative Information | Corporate Marketing Strategy 

by Dhanush Devang

This webinar is all about the corporate marketing sectors where speakers shared their experience in corporate marketing and they also mentioned about the marketing sectors post COVID 

Hetal Sonpal

 Hetal Sonpal is a Prolific Angel Investor and Startup Evangelist who also have Experience of expanding business, building a new business from scratch, growing revenue and margin, managing large multi-location consulting engagement teams.

He spoke about the impacts of industries during corona crisis and he also spoke about the corporate marketing schemes

Key points: 

  • He mentioned about the crisis which current marketing is facing
  • He also mentioned that we should focus more on marketing post COVID 

Megha Misra

Megha is a Marketing expert and who is also into Blogging and Content Creation who is mentoring many Start-up and Megha also Brand Alliances by helping Building brands& products to scale she is also a Speaker! 

She spoke about how communication struggles in corporate marketing 

Key points:

  • She mentioned the importance of communication in marketing
  • She also mentioned about skills and techniques every individual need to improve for better communication

Neha Gupta De

Neha Gupta De is a Global Marketing Director who is a Woman Leader and a Young Marketing Leader who is into Business and MarTech and also in Diverse Industry 

She spoke about brand building by taking an example and she also gave insights into how the brand building can be done

Key points:

  • She mentioned insights of brand building
  • She also shared a few techniques on building a brand value 

Madhu Joshi

 Madhu Joshi is a Partner and CMO at Drum Up Media she is also into marketing firm Madhu is also an Entrepreneur and an Industry Speaker who is also into Digital Marketing and Brand Marketing

she spoke about CSR marketing and she also gave few insights about corporate marketing sectors 

Key points:

  • She shared how she started her carrier in the field of marketing
  • She also gave insights into CSR marketing

Suresh Babu

Suresh Babu who is a Founder and CEO of Web Marketing Academy he is also into digital marketing 

He spoke how he was introduced into the marketing field and he also gave insights into digital marketing 

Key points:

  • He mentioned how he started the digital marketing academy
  • He also mentioned how he got into the sector of marketing
  • He also shared his life experience of building his own company

Reetika Madaan

Reetika Madaan is into Corporate Marketing and Communications she is also TED-ED and SHEROES Champion Reetika is also an Avid speaker and also a Corporate Trainer 

She spoke about personal branding and the importance of personal branding in the present corporate marketing sector 

Key points:

  • She mentioned the importance of personal branding
  • She also mentioned having a better personal profile because it’s the first best impression 


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