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Crafting Transformative Information | Branding Edition

by Dhanush Devang

This webinar is all about the future of branding where speakers spoke about the importance of branding in corporate sectors and they also mentioned about competitive on how brands must reach out to the consumer with strong value propositions for what consumers need in future


Arun Pandit Member FICCI National Committee on Logistics & Young Leaders Council by AIMA who is also Sales and Marketing Professional from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi with 8+ years progressive experience in Sales (Channel, Inside & Corporate), Distribution, Product Management, Branding, BTL & Digital Media, Arun Pandit is also a founder of don give up.

He spoke about the brand new ball game in future of branding also mentioned about the agendas of branding in his perspective view how can one improve branding in future

Key points:

  • He mentioned about the branding agendas and its sectors
  • He also spoke about brand cost during corona which includes what is customer and consumer are expecting
  • He also spoke about vocal for local concept emerged during corona
  • He also explained about to know lessons from past crisis


Shikha Dutta is Assistant Director in FICCI and looks after agriculture. She has over 5 years of work experience in various industries including Agriculture, Food Processing, Media & Entertainment and Publishing. Before joining FICCI she has worked with ASSOCHAM and Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC). Her areas of workstream include marketing & communication, content management, relationship management and liaison, research, public policy, and event management.

She spoke about how digitalization is changing the scenario in branding by giving an example of the digitalized education system and marketing strategies of different companies


Key points:

  • She mentioned about the top online education media byju’s and their branding strategies
  • She also mentioned about the company vedantu’s 360 marketing strategies and strong digital marketing medium and their personalized communication
  • And she also mentioned about many other companies marketing strategies and how are they attracting the customers to their view of the site.

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