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Crafting Transformative Information | Artificial Intelligence Special Edition 

by Planotech Media House

Nowadays, the technology in AI and ML as boomed up in the world as they ranked as one of the top-rated and most needed in automation. This webinar tends to pave the right path for budding AI and ML aspirants and tech geeks. In this session, speakers throw light upon deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, Natural language processing as they are the subfields of AI.


                       Pradeepta Mishra is ahead of AI-ML at LTI-Larsen and Tourbo Infotech, TEDx speaker, who won the 40Under40 Data Scientist award for twice. He is a technical author who had published four books and has three patents registered. He also served as a visiting lecturer in many universities.

He spoke about how to build large scalable Machine learning model which includes the following keynotes:


  • Picking the right language/algorithm.
  • Usage of right processors.
  • Data collection and warehousing
  • Model training.
  • Machine learning.
  • Resource utilization and monitoring.
  • Real-world machine learning.



                     Anurag Dwivedi, country head in the field of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at Panasonic R&D. He is an Ex program director at IBM. He is also a Data Science enthusiast, Speaker, and mentor. He spoke about applications of AI in different sectors in post COVID scenarios.


  • In the post-COVID situation, many factories will start rebooting their workforce and functionality, so they will adopt AI systems for automating their tasks and speeding up production.
  • AI-powered bots in place of fitness instructors as this strategy saves a lot of money and time, so companies will continue this practice even after the pandemic is solved.
  • Current research and developments are performed with the help of AI algorithms along with other technologies like blockchain.

He concluded that post-COVID is going to be a lot more AI-driven, as the technology has produced formidable results in research, analysis, etc. to equip skills for a better future.


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