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China Continuing on Exhibitions

by Vedanti Kohli

From the time since this pandemic is in its way spreading and affecting all the areas and running down the economy. In such a condition many events and exhibitions are going on its place. The country of China, where the reopening of a great exhibition is going to start. The government of China informed people about the Hunan Auto Show which is between the month of April and May.

About the exhibition

The organizers of China told people that the range will cover the area of 60,000 meters in square and the attendees will be more than the number of 62,000 on the ongoing event. The proper health checking of such will be there along with better care of the people. The proper checking with the availability and identification of ID proof and of health will be there at the entry. Also, the gloves and masks will also be provided there to the participants. The proper distance people have to make there with each other.

A proper organized and well-maintained exhibition was there in the discussion of the people of China. The President said that the hall will be responsible if any issue occurs there. The facility of sanitization and washing of hands will be there for people. As none of the cases are there of COVID-19, they all are expecting none should come out.

Othe things at the event

All the things that will be there at the show, needs to be proper and safe. Proper sanitization of it is necessary along with its care to get protection from COVID-19. Also, health issues need to be properly be taken as a correct action. The people who were conducting the event needs to take full care of the activities and health. People were wearing a mask throughout the exhibition. The medical centers were also there for the safety of exhibitors.  The guidance was there for the show on the date of 8th of May. It told people about the safety measures that they have to follow for the whole time.

The other show which was there in Malaysia, but was not held due to the ongoing pandemic. After all, now we are finding that China is even about to open the services of airports. At such an event, various conferences were also there to begin.

Discussions for such an event

Everyone around the world, are complaining and reacting to this recent going on in China. Truly it is not a time to put such an exhibition during this pandemic, as the condition is much massive. All are stuck in their homes to fight from such condition and they are conducting events and orientations in their country. Many Presidents of other nations are discussing of such issues and are reviewing on it.


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