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2020 Chengdu Better Life Series of Conventions and Exhibitions Kicks Off

by Darshan Kumar K

With the normalization of the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the exhibition industry has gradually recovered. 20-May-2020, the 2020 Chengdu Better Life series of conventions and exhibitions with the theme of “Conferences and Better Life” will be held in the Western China International Expo City (from now on referred to as “Xibo City”). Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center (from now on referred to as “New “Exhibition”) and multiple branch venues across the city opened at the same time.

 It is understood that the 2020 Chengdu Better Life series of outdoor life exhibitions held in Xibo City set up five major life scenes of outdoor sports, outdoor life, outdoor cultural tourism, outdoor home furnishing, and pastoral experience, with views, adventure, fun, fashion From the perspective of sex, show the unique outdoor economy, free consumption form and vitality of Chengdu; the car life of the 2020 Chengdu Better Life series of exhibitions held by the new display to purchase the “Industrial Chengdu” brand industry integration and gather passenger cars, new Vehicle brands such as energy vehicles, RVs, and second-hand vehicles integrate multiple cross-border integrations to create a car life scene that focuses on campsite experiences.

Layout a new scene of a good life

Over 140 well-known outdoor lifestyle brand companies made a group appearance.

 As the first exhibition event held in the Chengdu exhibition industry under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the five free theme features will be presented through the main venue-“Outdoor Life Exhibition” in Xibo City, and the new exhibition “Car Life Hi Shopping Festival” will be linked. A series of special events of the “‘Ingenuity Inheritance · Creating the Future’ 2020 Beautiful Life-Pixian Douban Industrial Development Forum” in Metropolitan Area. Show the unique outdoor economy, free consumption patterns and vitality of Chengdu from the perspective of scene, experience, fun and fashion, advocate green, environmentally friendly, healthy and ecological outdoor lifestyles, and highlight the uniqueness of the park city with Chengdu’s aesthetic life Temperament and positive city spirit.

 The event set up five major life scenes of outdoor sports, outdoor life, outdoor cultural tourism, outdoor furnishing, and pastoral experience. On the stage, interactive activities such as outdoor events, leisure fishing, water sports, live show, sports experience, lawn wedding and other themes were set up. More than 140 domestic and foreign well-known outdoor life brand companies such as “Feisai Sports” and Chengdu Xuanying Holographic Technology Co., Ltd., leading sports brands from France, will make a group appearance to bring “ecology + economy + humanities + “Sports” is a new experience of the integration of cultural and sports travellers.

 The exhibition will create a “Chengdu Better Life Series Event Branch” that attracts key retail companies, catering companies, scenic spots, etc. through the “one center, multiple branch venues” throughout the city. At the “Car Life Hi-Purchase Festival” held at the new exhibition, nearly one hundred companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Geely, and more than 70 global well-known car brands, mainstream joint venture brands, and critical domestic-funded brands, FAW-Volkswagen, Jetta, FAW Toyota, Geely (Including Geometry), Dongfeng Peugeot and other “Made in Chengdu” brands focused on the display of passenger car, caravan, new energy vehicles, used cars and other vehicle brands, as well as resort hotels, art installations, parent-child interaction and other content, to ignite this time Exhibition consumption boom. “Under the normalized conditions of epidemic prevention and control, the first exhibition event will be held to promote the resumption of production of related industries in the city, give full play to the critical role of the convention and exhibition industry in boosting the sector, encouraging investment, and stimulating consumption, and boost industry confidence. To restore market vitality, which also indicates that the Chengdu Exhibition Industry has gradually recovered. “The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Expo Bureau said.

Cultivate a new format for dual-line conventions and exhibitions

The first application scene of the “Conference Star Anchor” contest first landed.

As early as March this year, under the guidance of the Municipal Expo Bureau, focusing on the “Internet + Convention and Exhibition” with the comprehensive solution of cloud exhibition information service, cloud exhibition innovation online ecological marketing chain, and cloud exhibition dual-line innovative application scenarios as the core The first dual-line smart exhibition platform in Chengdu, an innovative business model-“IES Smart Exhibition Platform” has started construction.

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